Rich Piekarski, President

Let me begin by introducing myself. I am the co-owner and operator of the Gardens of the Western Reserve Hospice and Home Care. I have been managing long term healthcare facilities for 38 years. Four years ago we decided to start our Hospice services and 2 years ago our Home care business. With all the experience of 60+ years combined, we wanted to provide the best quality of life to our patients/clients. Probably the biggest item that separates us from all others is not only the 60+ years of healthcare experience but we are locally and privately owned. We personalize our care and services daily. You’ll never have to wait for a corporate decision weeks or months later on any needs you desire. We are available 24/7 and can make a decision on what is best for your loved one the same day.


Let me explain a few more items that make the Gardens of Western Reserve Hospice and Home Care special. We call it the “Gardens Advantage”.


Our team is our number one asset! I feel strongly that we have the best quality team working at the Gardens! I learned a long time ago that you have to surround yourself with good, compassionate, hardworking, and caring staff/team. That normally results in quality care and great customer service. I consider myself fortunate to be surrounded by the team in place. We work hard to strive to be the employer and healthcare provider of choice in the community and surrounding areas. We take it seriously, day in and day out. We set the bar high for your individual and personal expectations for your loved one. We are involved daily to ensure your satisfaction.


We also have many many testimonies of the quality care we provide that we can furnish upon your request.


The Gardens is also very proud of the donations and the countless volunteer hours we give to local charities in supporting the surrounding communities. We feel it is very important to give back and to be local community leaders.


So in closing, I want to thank you in advance for allowing us to take care of your loved one and rest assured we will continue to raise the bar and strive to meet both you and your loved one’s needs. I encourage you to call the Gardens of Western Reserve Hospice and Home Care and hear what the “Gardens Advantage” is all about!

Hanna Schindley, LPN, Administrator

When you’re looking for in-home care or hospice services, you’re looking for someone who treats you with the same warmth, respect, and care they would give to a family member. I’m Hanna Schindley, the co-owner of Gardens of Western Reserve Hospice and Home Care and I feel the same way. I have over twenty years of experience caring for seniors in Assisted Living, Hospice, and Home Care. I have a sincere passion for helping each client as an individual.


I saw the perfect opportunity to combine my experiences and passion as a nurse to help others age well in their own homes. As an administrator of Assisted Living, I saw residents leave the facility and return home, but not necessarily return to health. Once home, a lot of my former residents were unable to care for themselves. With a little help, most seniors can lead a healthy, happy life in their own home. I learned firsthand the value of creating a team of caregivers who work tirelessly to ensure the best quality of life to others. We recognize the need for providing excellent customer service with sincere compassion and empathy. We want to be the extended family when the family isn’t available or just needs help.


Caring for a loved one is a huge job- we’re here to be your helping hand. Please call me today, I’d love to hear how I can help!